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Assembly Assist

A web based assembly control assistant, you can load BOMs, images, assembly processes, quality instructions and videos to help the assembly worker.

You can also integrate a material module that the operator can use to identify shortages and ‘call’ stores for more parts.

Functions / options include:-

  • Show List of Parts (BOM)
  • Show exploded view
  • Show specific assembly instructions
  • Help Guides
  • Quality Guides
  • H&S Information / Videos
  • Call function for parts from Material Control / Stores
  • Call for assistance
  • Time
  • Advise of break time
  • Message send from Production control to any individual desk
  • RFID tag reader so can log who is working on bench
  • No of parts made (manual input)
  • With various options of assembly desk interfaces, remote desktop screens, phone and tablet apps you can very quickly and easily have a fully functioning assembly assistant.